How will GSAT-7A Satellite be helpful for Indian Air Force?

There are about 320 military satellites in the world that are turning round earth. Although half of these are from the United States. Indian Army have only 13 satellites.
ISRO is going to launch the GSAT-7A satellite at Sriharikota Space Center, Andhra Pradesh at 4:30 pm. It has to be installed in the Geo Orbit of the Earth. The Indian Air Force is going to get the maximum benefit from installing this satellite. Know what will be the specialties of this satellite?

Why is GSAT-7A special for the IAF?

Three through the Communication Satellite, the Air Force will be able to add all their red-savers to the same. Not only this, all the airbases and the Avax Spaccraft will also be able to easily interact with them. These Avax Aircraft are part of the air-alert and control system. Avax is also called the eye in the sky. This is the system to keep an eye on the enemy of 400 square semi.

Not only this, this operation will also help in drone-related operations through this satellite. It would be such that the operation that currently requires the air force to operate from the ground, they will be able to operate directly from the satellite.
This will help the Air Force in the operation of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) i.e. the drone. India is launching this satellite at a time when it is purchasing US military drone predator-B or Sea Guardian drone. These are the dragon aircraft flying steadily at very high altitudes. And they are controlled through a satellite. Also, these drones can strike on the enemy from a very distance.

What will be the GSAT-7A features?
About $ 500 to 800 crores has been spent in the preparation of this satellite. One particular thing would be that there would be a system to change the class. It will give energy to four solar panels engaged in it, which will be able to generate 3.3 kilowatts of electricity.

ISRO has done so many satellites for the Indian Army so far?

Earlier this year, ISRO has launched GSAT-7. It was also called 'Rukmini'. Launched in September 2013, this satellite could provide Indian navy with information about the activities of the Indian navy in the area of ​​2000 nautical miles. Indian Air Force is expected to meet GSAT-7C soon. Thereby strengthening its networking and strengthening.

Currently, there are 13 satellites in the Indian Army. Most of these are remote sensing satellites. Those who have been established in close quarters of the Earth. Recently, these satellites got help from the Indian Army in destroying surgical strikes and terrorist bases in Pakistan.

How many military satellites are currently in the world?
There are currently around 320 militry satellites in the world, which are turning round earth. Although half of these are from the United States. After this, Russia and China are number one in countries with the highest military satellites. Although in today's era, China is one of India's staunch rivals.

China has made a lot of progress in the war strategy in space. China has also used its ASAT weapons in January 2017. These are anti-satellite weapons, which work against low altitude satellites.
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