Know about the life of Loco pilot of Indian Railways

I am not a railway driver myself but having very closely observed my friend who is a railway driver, I think he can answer this rather well.
I am a loco pilot, my life often runs between two tracks of the train. Sometimes there are many lives in front of this running race, whose caste religion does not know my life. We cannot save those lives even if we want to.

We know very well how important is life. I know that human beings are the most beautiful and wonderful works created by nature on this earth. I cannot think of erasing this beautiful piece.

In winter, summer or rainy you sleep comfortably and we bring you to your destination without blinking. If you celebrate all the festivals with your loved ones at home, then our festivals seem to be between two tracks of the train.

When you have time for walking and strolling, we try to sleep after eating food. When the world prepares to sleep, we prepare to go to duty.

When the whole world is awake we keep on sleeping. No routine We stayed at your service without being complained even by staying away from the small and innocent children for two to three days.

I am very sad that the accident which happened in Amritsar. I am aware of the loss of my family and my family members.

Our effort always remains that the ant does not die even before coming to the train. Whenever we see dog, cows and animals on the tracks, we try our best to save them by honking.

Then we know very well what is the importance of human life. To save the lives of a few people, you cannot be fed with the lives of thousands of brothers and sisters in the train. The train can not be controlled so quickly that the person's life can be saved on a sudden track.

In view of this, the railways warns not to go on the day-long tracks, but people listen to one ear and remove them from the other ear. If people take the warning of railway and take such accidents seriously, such accidents can be avoided. Otherwise, such accidents will continue to happen and leaders will continue to do politics on the deaths of the people. I hope you have understood me.

Santosh Kumar Loco Pilot, Indian Railways
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