Even in 2019, People Believe too many myths about smartphones

Most of you use smartphones. You may use the feature phone but in your home or friends must have a smartphone their own. In this case you also have heard many things about the smartphone and you have also confident on it. Like smartphone should not be charged for overnight. Now it is started 2019 but still people are very confident about the smartphone rumours.
You often have heard that downloading the application from third party app store, virus enters in phone. This thing is not completely true, because many times downloading the app from the Google Play Store also come to malware with him. There is no need to think more while downloading the app from 9 apps and such other source.

Nowadays, the smartphone has the option of auto brightness. It means that when you are in the sun, the brightness of the display will automatically be sharp. There is many people on that the brightness is to be cleverly cutting the smartphone battery, which is not too true.

All claims are wrong about the charging of the smartphone's battery.
1. The smartphone should charge only, when the battery is completely over.
2. For the first time, use the phone to charge full.
3. The more mAh battery is good.

You have heard from many people that the camera of this phone is fantastic, because of the 10, 20 or 47 megapixel camera, while the truth is that the quality of the photo does not depend on the camera megapixels. For better photos, things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO are also responsible.
You should have heard from many people that the smartphone should not in the charging for the whole night. By doing so, the phone's battery gets worse, while the truth is that the charger doesn't supply any current after the battery is charged full. In such a situation you do not have to be disturbed.

Many people believe that the app running in the phone's background should be closed, otherwise the battery is quick and phone also the start lagging. It does not need to be disturbed and it is not necessary to close the app running in the background. If an app is running in the background, it will open fast and it does not have to be the hang of your phone in it.
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