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All of you know about Banana, but few of you only know the advantages of banana, today I am going to tell you about some of the benefits of eating banana. It can also be beneficial, if you do the gym, you will came to know your gym's trainer says, if you are weak, then your gym trainer ask you to eat bananas.

We all know about anaemia but do you know why people suffer from this problem, anaemia happens due to lack of iron in our body, the quantity of iron in banana is very rich, so if you eat banana then the amount of iron helps to complete the process of making red blood cells in your body fast.
If you eat banana, your body produces haemoglobin, insulin and essential amino acids, which increases the amount of new and healthy cells, let us tell you that Vitamin B6 is rich in abundance, due to which our body has such benefits.

If you eat 2 bananas throughout the day, then you will not get hunger because banana also has a special type of starch which helps in controlling hunger.
Eating food is very beneficial for your health in winter season. Many people like to eat banana in the cold, the first reason that the bananas in the winter are very cheap. Banana is very good for your eyes and heart. If you eat bananas daily, your digestive system will be very strong, people who have stomach problems should definitely eat banana. It contains a compound that is very beneficial for your eyes.

1. Banana is one of the good source of potassium.
2. Keeps blood pressure balanced if you eat bananas during winter.
3. Banana is a good source of fiber and vitamins.
4. Its helps in improving the body's immune system.
5. Therefore you should eat banana on a daily basis.
6. Banana reduces mental stress.

Banana is only fruit which is not only in summer but also in winter beneficial for our health. If you feel that you can get cold by eating banana in the cold season, then first know the benefits of its.

In the winter with hot milk every morning, banana consumption keeps the body warm.
Eating bananas and milk prevents energy in the body throughout the day.
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