How to activate and use WhatsApp Biometrics Authentication Features?

Whatsapp has released a new biometrics authentication feature. With the help of this, your WhatsApp will be very safe, know how to use these features.
For the iPhone version of Whatsapp, the company has issued a necessary update. Users will get the biometrics authentication feature in 2.19.20 version of WhatsApp, which will allow users to use Face ID or Touch ID feature. This new feature was spotted for the first time in October last year. After turning on this feature, users will need biometrics authentication to open WhatsApp.

However, this feature has not added to secure a WhatsApp Chat. Soon, Whatsapp's Android users can also get this feature. Although, how long will this feature come to Android, there is no official information about it.

How to use Face ID or Touch ID feature?
In order to use this feature, users have first go to Whatsapp settings. Here you have to go to the account and then open the option of privacy. Here you will get the feature of the screen lock. When you go to the option of the screen lock, you will get the option of Face ID or Touch ID. With the help of which you can turn on Biometrics Lock on WhatsApp.

With this, you can also choose how long you need for biometrics authentication will be. However, even after this authentication, users can reply to a message or reply to a call from notification only. For this, they will not need authentication. Once you open WhatsApp from the biometrics authentication, you will get access to all the chats. Which means that the new feature is not available for Whatsapp chat on a personal basis.
According to the report, similar features are also being tested for Android users. Let us know that WhatsApp has done WhatsApp Pay testing in India and soon you will see this option in your Whatsapp. But this feature has not been officially launched, because Whatsapp still needs clearance from the government. Paytm and other companies have said that Whatsapp payment cannot be secure, because there is no need to have a login ID password to open the Whatsapp app. This may also be a reason that Whatsapp has now launched the lock feature.
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