What are some of the most awesome psychological facts?

Turning off your car music when looking for new locations really make sense. As your mind can’t focus on more than one place clearly at the same time.

If you will announce your life goals to friends and strangers, you will be less likely to achieve those goals. In fact, research shows that you will lose motivation to achieve those goals.

You get happy by eating chocolates because it releases same neurodermatitis to brain as you get when you are in love. So, brain can’t differentiate.

You can remember more information if you convert that information into chunks. This includes the numbers but can be increased.

The type of music you listen can change your brain structure and affects the way you see the world. Rap music lover usually see world what they get in rap music.

What are some of the most awesome psychological facts?
Your brain cannot create faces, if you see someone in your dream, it means you have seen that person before. May be your soul (2nd body) has met that person.

Human brain is not designed to do multitasking. That’s why we see lot of things with our eyes but our brain processes those images which are related to topic or situation.

The way we react to people’s action affect others’ beliefs about us. Then people act in a certain way toward us. This is called self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you get tired your brain see it as emergency and get more creative to get out of emergency situation.

Your company of friends and coworkers affect you a lot. Being with positive and motivated people makes you positive toward life and motivated.

Getting ignored by someone you care is perceived by our mind as “physical injury”. Our brain can’t differentiate between “get ignored” or get injured”.

Sarcastic people are smart and creative. Trying to be a sarcastic help you in this regard.

Perfectly normal kids of this era are more psycho patient than the average psych patient ward of 1990.

If you don’t want to fall for someone then don’t hide out your emotions about that person. The harder you will try to hide emotions, harder you will fall for that person.

People who suddenly start sleeping more are deep inside depressed. Aside from being sick.

If you often feel low keep a self motivation game in your phone and play for few minutes. I don’t know the science behind but it works.

Silence is such a powerful tool when trying to get people to talk.

When listing out things to someone people are most likely to remember the last and first items in the list.
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