What is the best way to learn C++ Programming?

First of all, there is no age to to learn programming. C++ is one of the most popular programming languages. It is based on C but is an object-oriented programming language. It is widely used in graphics libraries, games, network devices, etc. Many people start programming in the final year of college or even after the college and get placed in big companies. All that matters is how passionate you are and how much time you are devoting to it. Moreover, you already know some programming languages including Python which is an added benefit since you already know the basics and about algorithms.
What is the best way to learn C++ Programming?
Coming to where to study C++ from, I would recommend you going for Codesdope. Its a perfect guide which start with the basics and covers each topic and explains in a very simple and user-friendly way. Learn C++ is another good resource and gives you almost all the concepts but I found the presentation order of Codesdope better. Moreover, at Codesdope, there is a practice section with a number of questions for each topic separately so that you can practice questions corresponding to each topic and get better. Also, in case of any doubt you can directly ask in its discussion section where you get instant answers (instead of googling it).
You just have to be clear with the concepts and keep practicing with passion.
I believe, the best way to learn or improve any programming skill is to work on a project about that. Try to develop some projects. You will get errors, so much problems will occur and you will learn so much by handle this errors and problems. Books and courses are good but if you read or saw solution of a problem in a book or video course, probably you will not be remember it at next time. However, if the same problem has occur on your project, you will make too much research, you will try few solutions (but they will not work at first and you will look for others), finally when you find a way to solve it, you will never forget that way. I’m just talking about experiment. Experiment is the key of to get better on something. Here is a website that contains projects with source codes, try to work on some of them. It will be work.
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