What are some interesting facts about Mercedes-Benz Cars?

1. Before painting their model, Mercedes-Benz workers drown it in a 52-ton primer pool. This liquid will cover on every corner of the model.

2. The primer, afterward, gets heated, then sprayed ever-lasting plasticized undercoating on to the wheel wheels and the underside to elude rust.

3. There are total 4 coats given to the body. In these 4 coats, the last one is done all by hand.

4. Mercedes-Benz tires are even far above new American safety laws. With normal air pressures, their model can handle a full luggage load and passengers in long high-speed cruising.
5. Apart from 600 and 300 series with the only option of the automatic gearbox, all Mercedes-Benz models come standard with options for automatic or 4-speed manual gearbox.

6. Speaking of chromium trim, before plating, it is given and 2 coats of copper and 1 coat of nickel.

7. Even the smallest Mercedes-Benz provides more space than any large sedan you can find.

8. You experience a ride with fresh air in any Mercedes-Benz sedans thanks to a ventilation system the carmaker builds to flow clean air into the interior and get rid of stale air via pipes at the cabin’s rear.

9. To arrange seats in each model, the carmaker has its own consultation from famed orthopedic physicians to make sure their seats offer the highest comfort.
10. The suspension motions are tuned partly thanks to the seat springs which helps let down jiggling movements making muscle fatigue.

11. You are offered an optional automatic transmission named Daimler-Benz which has 4 forward speeds. You can control it like an automatic shift or a manual with hydraulic coupling principle. Fuel economy is quite the same as manual transmissions.

12. The power steering in Mercedes-Benz models has a servo-booster which boosts steering assistance progressively. The front wheels are always under your control.

13. No annual changes needed for the Mercedes-Benz body styling, the brand has been trying to introduce their timeless body design styling.
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