World's most dangerous Assault Rifle AK-203 will be Manufactured in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Ordnance Factory of Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. Let us Explain you that Indo-Russian Rifle Pvt. Ltd is a joint project of the Ordnance Factory of India and Russia. The latest categories of prestigious Kalashnikov rifles will be made in Ordnance Factory. This joint venture will help the Armed Forces in the country and will increase power of national security.
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Amethi that the work of building AK-203 Modern Assault Rifle with the efforts of the Prime Minister and the cooperation of Russia will start soon. Here 7.5 lakh rifles will be made for the Indian Army.

Army will be equipped with modern version of AK-47 rifle (AK-203). For this, India has signed an agreement with Russia. According to this agreement, with the assistance of Russia, 7 lakh 50 thousand (750,000) assault rifles will manufactured in India.

For AK-203 Assault Rifles, the deal was signed between OFB and the Russian company Concern Kalashnikov. The INSAS rifle of the India will be replaced with AK-203 Assault Rifles to the jawans.
Let us tell you that Russia had also offered
new version of AK-47 rifle for the Indian Army ten years ago. At that time, both countries had talked on AK-103 rifle but the deal was not confirmed. Now the agreement between the Government of India and Russia has been signed for the 2018 model of AK-203. It is said that, this is the most dangerous rifle of AK series.

This is one of the most updated rifles of AK Family. The AK-203 famous for it's accuracy is a convertible rifle. This can be used both Semi Automatically and Automatically. AK-47 is the basic model followed by AK, 74, 56, 100 series and 200 series.

According to reports, the length of the new assault rifle will be about 3.25 foot. A rifle loaded with bullets would weigh about 4 kilograms. Also, it will be Easy to Handle for any operation in the jawans. It will also be effective in night operation.
Earlier, India had recently signed an agreement to purchase 72,400 Assault rifles from the US. These rifles will be purchased for around Rs 700 crore. According to the contract, within a year, the US SIG Sauer rifles company will offer 72,400 rifles of 7.62 mm. The presence of these rifles will increase the strength of the Indian Army.

Right now, the Indian Army has 5.56×45 mm INSAS rifles. It is necessary to replace with 7.62×51 mm rifle with modern and advanced technology. The troops posted on long stretch of 3,600 km of China boarder will use this rifle.
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