Indian Railways Fan Club By Satya : Personal Life and Success Story

April 30, 2019
“There is an old saying: When you work on anything you get better day by day and it pays off.”

For the first time I tried to write on someone's personal life and success story. This story is about RailFan Satya Prakash Dixit, whom I never met, but i know him very closely. I came in contact with him through one of his close friend Kavish Kumawat, who is also a Rail Enthusiast. I am writing this blog on Tuesday 30th April 2019, when he completed 1 Lakh Subscriber's on YouTube with his hard work and determination.
His father was in a transferable job, moving from city to city, meeting people of different family and culture, While there is always an option of exploring new places, hence the journey by train from childhood was common, scenery like lakes, jagged mountains, bridge, greenery, fields was unlike anything he ever saw from the highway and due to this, he fell in love with train from childhood.
He told me as a rail enthusiast he love to travel by train and prefer over any other modes of transport even over air. The rhythmic clickety clack of the wheels, looking at the lazy and beautiful country side as the train thunders down the track, the awesome look at the faces of passengers when a superfast train zooms past through big stations, the feel of wind on the face as he put face on the open window, love the whole experience. Going through the bustling train station, sound of trains, the wind. All these are simply mesmerizing for him.

He often spends nights in Journey and loves to travel. Sometimes without food or water, waiting for the entry or departure of a train either on camera or simply as a memory.
He completed his B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also worked for American multinational information technology company HP as an engineer. But later he left that job to prepare for the CDS Examination. As his dream is to join Defence.

Talking about YouTube Career

He told that success is not about getting subscribers, views or earnings that’s definitely a parameter to see the achievement but when you connect to your audience and interact, you feel more happy that someone is watching what you are trying to explain. The more time you give to anything the more success you will get out of it.
Though their are many similar channels so he faced quite competition with other youtubers. But later on he had improved

When I asked him how to be successful YouTuber he told that:

You need to have pateince to grow your channel. The content should be good and informative. Try to always focus on quality content and then start your channel so that people will be curious of good content to come.
Share as many as possible with friends family on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Some of the stuffs which he follow every single day:

Patience & Concentrating on content.
Make Videos, Give your best, Publish & Repeat and we should not come to this platform with a monetizing plan in month as once you start thinking about money you get frustrated and our YouTube Lifetime we have to face such phases frequently. So, staying calm & concentrating on content is the best thing. That will be the door to success for every one.
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Why metre gauge converted into broad gauge? The End of Golden Era of Indian Railways

April 28, 2019
It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, all discovery and inventions human being done, when they realized need of that. The need of human and the desire to make the earth a better place is the inspiration behind all inventions. Necessity force people to invent and do new things. When human realized that the journey of bullock cart is not convenient and neither does it save time. So many fast moving vehicles have invented, the rail is also included, but changes over time have become the principle of the world, therefore it has been a lot of change and today the world has come a long way in Science and Technology. There are some memories in life that people can never forget. Some memories of Supaul - Tharbitia - Saharsa - Mansi old Metre Gauge line trains.
Metre gauge means that the distance between the two rails is 1 m. There are a few railway routes still having metre gauge. e.g. Ahmedabad - Udaipur.

Why is a metre gauge converted into a broad gauge?

If this question is asked in an Indian context, we have a simple term for that, ‘PROJECT UNIGAUGE”. Its an exercise to convert all metre and narrow gauge tracks in the country to the 5’6″ Indian Railways Broad gauge (BG) so as to eliminate any transfers and increase speeds and capacity.
It was started in the 1990s and since then many iconic routes have been converted to BG. A few hill railways will not be converted due to their heritage status.
Four narrow and metre gauge lines are declared as heritage lines and will not be converted to broad gauge. These are:

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (88 km)
Nilgiri Mountain Railway (46 km)
Kalka - Shimla Railway (96 km)
Matheran Hill Railway (21 km)
Why metre gauge converted into broad gauge? The End of Golden Era of Indian Railways Why metre gauge converted into broad gauge? The End of Golden Era of Indian Railways Reviewed by SHERE KHOJRAHA on April 28, 2019 Rating: 5

How to stop habit of wasting time and get things done?

April 27, 2019
Imagine you are given a Lamborghini for 2 hours.
What would you do ?

Would you feel lazy to take it out ?

If you are feeling sick, will you use that as an excuse ?

Will you say, nah I will sleep for an hour and take it out an hour later ?

Obviously not.

You will probably make the most of those two hours to enjoy this beast.

Now one question:

Is a Lamborghini more valuable than your life?

Definitely no.

Then why you wouldn’t treat your life as important as a lambo?

Life is ultimately nothing but time, when you waste an hour of your time you waste a percentage of your life. How you spend an hour determines how you spend a day determines how you spend a year determines how you spend your life.

Lets go back in the past:

Lets go back 5 years later, imagine the amount of time you wasted. What if you would have put it to a better use?

Would your life had been any better if you had utilised the time properly?
Now lets go 5 years ahead in the future, what you do today will determine where you would be 5 years ahead.

People who value time and spend it wisely have everything in life, success , money, happiness, satisfaction etc while the one who wastes time just spend their entire life wondering how time went by and how they didn’t achieve anything substantial.

We all know that life is precious however we forget that time is life and wasting time is ultimately wasting life. When you will understand this you will never waste a second of your life.

How to practically stop wasting time:

Have a plan for every hour. Even if you are not working and are taking a day off, just plan everything you would do in a day hour by hour.

Stop procrastinating:

If you know that something important needs to be done then do it now without giving it a second thought.

Stop spending time on dumb things:
TV series, novels, YouTube videos are not made for us. They are made by the creators to mint money off from you. I don’t mean you should completely stop watching series or reading novels but limit the amount of time you spend on it.

Conquer your hour and hence the day and hence your life:

If you spend every hour of the day productively you will spend your life in the same way. Start by making the most of the current hour and you wont have to worry about the rest.

Set priorities:

Set priorities for tasks you have, what matters the most to you? health or career?

You should plan your activities according to the priorities you have. Top priority tasks should be done earlier in the day.
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New Delhi - Amritsar Weekly Shatabdi Express will be replaced by Tejas

April 22, 2019
Tejas Express between New Delhi and Chandigarh, after the announcement of 2 years, will run between New Delhi - Amritsar. The weekly Shatabdi Express will be replaced by Tejas. New Rake already reached New Delhi Railway Station. On April 25, Tejas's first trial will start. The premium luxury train Tejas Express
have facilities like aeroplane. The railway is going to change the old rake of train number 12031/12032 weekly Shatabdi running between Amritsar - New Delhi.
This train is running between New Delhi and Amritsar on every Thursday. Train number 12031 departing from New Delhi at 7:20 in the morning and arrive Ambala Cantonment at around 10:00 am and Amritsar at 1:45 pm. In return, the train number 12032 Amritsar - New Delhi Shatabdi depart from Amritsar station at 4:50 pm and reach Ambala Cantonment at 8:30 pm and the destination New Delhi railway station at around 11:00 pm. As New Delhi Division of Northern Railways gets order from the Railway Board, the Tejas rake is ready.

In 2016, former Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu had announced Tejas to run between Chandigarh - New Delhi route. For this, the Tejas was to run 6 days except on Wednesday, in the winter schedule applicable from 1 November 2017. As per earlier schedule Tejas to reach Chandigarh at 12:40 in the morning and at 9:40 am to depart from New Delhi. The train depart from Chandigarh at 2:35 pm and reach New Delhi at 5:30 pm.

The Tejas Express is India’s first semi-high speed fully air-conditioned train Introduced by Indian Railways. It features modern onboard facilities with automatic doors. Tejas means "sharp "lustre" and "brilliance" in many Indian languages. These trains are among the fastest trains in India along with Rajdhani Express, Gatimaan Express, Shatabdi Express, Vande Bharat Express and Duronto Express and get the highest priority in the Indian Railways network after Vande Bharat Express.
The first coaches were manufactured at Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala in Punjab.The coaches of second Tejas express of India, which runs between Chennai Egmore and Madurai, were manufactured at Integral Coach Factory, Chennai and third rake also manufactured by Integral Coach Factory. The train is designed to run at a maximum speed of 200 km/h (120 mph) but the maximum operating speed allowed is 130 km/h (80 mph) due to track and safety constraints. Presently, the train runs at an average speed of 65 km/h (40 mph).
Coaches have bio-vacuum toilets, water level indicators, tap sensors, hand dryers, integrated braille displays, LED TV for each passenger with phone sockets, local cuisine, celebrity chef menu, WiFi, tea & coffee vending machines, magazines, snack tables, CCTV cameras, fire & smoke detection and suppression system. The fares will be 20% to 30% more than Shatabdi fares. The Tejas Express has redesigned seats with eco-leather. Toilets are equipped with soap dispensers, touch-less water taps, odour control systems and occupancy indicators. Doors are centrally controlled.

The inaugural run of first Tejas Express was on 24 May 2017 from Mumbai CST to Karmali, Goa. It covered 552 km in 8 hours and 30 minutes. On 2 March 2019, second Tejas Express of the country was flagged off between Chennai Egmore and Madurai by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
New Delhi - Amritsar Weekly Shatabdi Express will be replaced by Tejas New Delhi - Amritsar Weekly Shatabdi Express will be replaced by Tejas Reviewed by SHERE KHOJRAHA on April 22, 2019 Rating: 5
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