How to stop habit of wasting time and get things done?

Imagine you are given a Lamborghini for 2 hours.
What would you do ?

Would you feel lazy to take it out ?

If you are feeling sick, will you use that as an excuse ?

Will you say, nah I will sleep for an hour and take it out an hour later ?

Obviously not.

You will probably make the most of those two hours to enjoy this beast.

Now one question:

Is a Lamborghini more valuable than your life?

Definitely no.

Then why you wouldn’t treat your life as important as a lambo?

Life is ultimately nothing but time, when you waste an hour of your time you waste a percentage of your life. How you spend an hour determines how you spend a day determines how you spend a year determines how you spend your life.

Lets go back in the past:

Lets go back 5 years later, imagine the amount of time you wasted. What if you would have put it to a better use?

Would your life had been any better if you had utilised the time properly?
Now lets go 5 years ahead in the future, what you do today will determine where you would be 5 years ahead.

People who value time and spend it wisely have everything in life, success , money, happiness, satisfaction etc while the one who wastes time just spend their entire life wondering how time went by and how they didn’t achieve anything substantial.

We all know that life is precious however we forget that time is life and wasting time is ultimately wasting life. When you will understand this you will never waste a second of your life.

How to practically stop wasting time:

Have a plan for every hour. Even if you are not working and are taking a day off, just plan everything you would do in a day hour by hour.

Stop procrastinating:

If you know that something important needs to be done then do it now without giving it a second thought.

Stop spending time on dumb things:
TV series, novels, YouTube videos are not made for us. They are made by the creators to mint money off from you. I don’t mean you should completely stop watching series or reading novels but limit the amount of time you spend on it.

Conquer your hour and hence the day and hence your life:

If you spend every hour of the day productively you will spend your life in the same way. Start by making the most of the current hour and you wont have to worry about the rest.

Set priorities:

Set priorities for tasks you have, what matters the most to you? health or career?

You should plan your activities according to the priorities you have. Top priority tasks should be done earlier in the day.
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