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Indian Railways Fan Club By Satya : Personal Life and Success Story

“There is an old saying: When you work on anything you get better day by day and it pays off.”

For the first time I tried to write on someone's personal life and success story. This story is about RailFan Satya Prakash Dixit, whom I never met, but i know him very closely. I came in contact with him through one of his close friend Kavish Kumawat, who is also a Rail Enthusiast. I am writing this blog on Tuesday 30th April 2019, when he completed 1 Lakh Subscriber's on YouTube with his hard work and determination.
His father was in a transferable job, moving from city to city, meeting people of different family and culture, While there is always an option of exploring new places, hence the journey by train from childhood was common, scenery like lakes, jagged mountains, bridge, greenery, fields was unlike anything he ever saw from the highway and due to this, he fell in love with train from childhood.
He told me as a rail enthusiast he love to travel by train and prefer over any other modes of transport even over air. The rhythmic clickety clack of the wheels, looking at the lazy and beautiful country side as the train thunders down the track, the awesome look at the faces of passengers when a superfast train zooms past through big stations, the feel of wind on the face as he put face on the open window, love the whole experience. Going through the bustling train station, sound of trains, the wind. All these are simply mesmerizing for him.

He often spends nights in Journey and loves to travel. Sometimes without food or water, waiting for the entry or departure of a train either on camera or simply as a memory.
He completed his B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also worked for American multinational information technology company HP as an engineer. But later he left that job to prepare for the CDS Examination. As his dream is to join Defence.

Talking about YouTube Career

He told that success is not about getting subscribers, views or earnings that’s definitely a parameter to see the achievement but when you connect to your audience and interact, you feel more happy that someone is watching what you are trying to explain. The more time you give to anything the more success you will get out of it.
Though their are many similar channels so he faced quite competition with other youtubers. But later on he had improved

When I asked him how to be successful YouTuber he told that:

You need to have pateince to grow your channel. The content should be good and informative. Try to always focus on quality content and then start your channel so that people will be curious of good content to come.
Share as many as possible with friends family on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Some of the stuffs which he follow every single day:

Patience & Concentrating on content.
Make Videos, Give your best, Publish & Repeat and we should not come to this platform with a monetizing plan in month as once you start thinking about money you get frustrated and our YouTube Lifetime we have to face such phases frequently. So, staying calm & concentrating on content is the best thing. That will be the door to success for every one.
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