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Every year thousands of gadgets are invented by the companies all over the world. Then all these inventors come to show their inventions at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to introduce them worldwide. This show takes place at the beginning of every year. I have prepared report keeping an eye the gadgets that became very popular in the past few months. After a deep research and struggle, I have brought the top rated RailFanning gadgets details for you.

You can use just your regular smartphone to shoot videos. You can shoot with your hands without using a tripod. 

You can do some creative thing yourself. You can make your own tripod at home or purchase. You can watch some videos on YouTube to make it. You can also use simple earphones to make your mic.

Try the following things to shoot your videos in the best possible way. 

1. Use Smartphone: Smartphone can provide you multiple options for shooting your videos, like timelapse and slow motion For instance: 4K option etc. I would like to suggest you one camera which is perfect in your budget.

2. Sunlight: This can provide optimal light required to shoot a video. The quality of the video is really good when shot at a day light. 

3. Earphones: It can be used to record audio for a video. It acts a mic for your video and gives a amazing sound quality.

Well, there are many RailFans who shoot their videos with just a mobile, mic and a tripod. And you could do that too. Just buy a mini Tripod from Amazon/flipkart which you'll get it for about 700/- or 900/-And get a microphone just for 600/- or may be less. That's it. Start making awesome videos. The main point here is the content of your video.

There are many cameras out there in the market which can be used to create content. However, it's you who should decide what kind of camera do I need to create a content. Let me quote you some examples. 

If your channel is about vlogging then the best suited camera would be Gopro or DJI Osmo, I think it is the best camera to vlog. If you are into story telling, love adding and stuff like that with slow motions and your channel is all about free running or trick shots, etc then go for a GoPro camera. There's a large range to choose from. Well, you can skip all of these and opt to shoot videos from your mobile phones. Phone cameras have become wonderful these days. It'll not make a huge difference. So, sit down think about the kind of content you are creating and buy the gear accordingly.

YouTube videos can be made by many cameras depending on budget for pre production, production and post production of the movie or video. Generally YouTube videos are low budget, and to make a low budget film one has to compromise with many aspects. One should shoot the movie in ambient or available light. So for the night shooting if you use less light then noise may appear in the frame. Now you can use higher ISO to shoot at night in the last two years sony and canon has come out
cameras which gives very good results in low light. Sony and Canon brand cameras is the one of the most successful and suitable camera for YouTube video shooting.

It is important that you know how to choose a backpack. The best travel bags just make our life when traveling easier.
Traveling can be fun only if you pack your essentials well and carry them comfortably. The most important component of your trip is your backpack. There are many backpacks available on the Internet and selecting the best travel backpack among them could be a daunting task. As I always travel on a budget, I ensure that I purchase a backpack that is comfy as well as inexpensive.

A lot of gadgets are available on Amazon. I'm posting few gadgets which I noticed. these are some amazing useful cool new gadgets and it is inexpensive. Here are some cool new gadgets on Amazon, hope you'll like it.

Primary Camera :
Action Camera (GoPro Hero7 Black with Travel Kit) :
Smartphone as Secondary Camera :
Mic i recommend :
My Travel Bag :
GoPro 3 Way Mount Tripod :
Power Bank i recommend :
My Smartwatch :

Memory Card i recommend :
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