First time in India Smart Public Toilets 'Freshrooms' with Five Star Facilities Launched in Bhopal

Despite all the facilities in the running life of cities, we have most trouble of any thing, that's a neat and clean public toilet. In order to get rid of dirty public toilets in smart cities, a city startup has come up.  The city has been gifted a smart public toilet with facilities like Five Star Hotel. Freshrooms, yes this is the name of Smart Public Toilet with five star facilities. Ashutosh Giri the founder and CEO of Freshrooms. Public Relations Minister PC Sharma inaugurated the newly built showrooms on Thursday located at Zone-2 M.P Nagar near SBI.

Freshrooms founder Ashutosh Giri said that the general understanding about public toilet in India is very clear, so we took it as a challenge to change the entire 
environment of public toilets. There is no such facility anywhere in the world. We needed funds to give shape to our idea and we got seed funding of 3 crore from an Angel Investor.

It is the first public toilet model of its kind across India which is working on pay and use redeem model. The Smart Toilet offers a clean and hygienic environment with a clean hygienic toilet, wooden bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, complete shower kit for bathing, dental kit for dental cleaning. There is also an ultra luxury food cafe.
If you are coming from any other city, then you will also be able to have dormitory rest rooms. If you are not staying, you can also keep your luggage in the smart luggage room, where you can scan the QR code from your smart phone and lock your luggage room. Smart toilets and bathrooms are also equip with technology. Automatic sanitary vending machine will also be available for women.

This concept is very innovative. It is going to start in many cities of India, it will change the image of public toilets in India. The 'Freshrooms Luxury Traveler Lounge' is going to start soon at Allahabad railway station. In this regard, agreement has been signed between Allahabad Railway Division and Freshrooms. In the coming time, Modern Public Toilets will be started by Freshrooms in Indore, Lucknow, Kanpur and Raipur, whose contracts have been done with the concerned departments. In the employment generation, this startup will provide employment to many people, there will be 6 employees in each of the freshrooms. This concept also supports Swachh Bharat and Digital India campaign.
First time in India Smart Public Toilets 'Freshrooms' with Five Star Facilities Launched in Bhopal First time in India Smart Public Toilets 'Freshrooms' with Five Star Facilities Launched in Bhopal Reviewed by SHERE KHOJRAHA on September 14, 2019 Rating: 5

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