Sampoorna Kranti Express well known as Janta Ki Rajdhani on Proposal to run from Madhupur

123% annual passenger availability of Sampoorna Kranti in Bihar, still questions on the proposal to run from Madhupur.

Patna: Sampoorna Kranti Express running between Rajendra Nagar - New Delhi, there is always a fight over getting confirmed ticket. Ordinary passengers first try to book tickets in Sampoorna Kranti Express and if they don't get confirmed ticket, they book tickets in Rajdhani Express. This train is also known as Janta Ki Rajdhani. Because its fare is less than that of Rajdhani, but matches Rajdhani in terms of speed, punctuality, cleanliness and priority.
The train has always been the first choice for ordinary passengers. This is the reason that the annual passenger availability in the Sampoorna Kranti Express is 123%. The situation is that 100% seats of Sampoorna Kranti Express, which origin from Rajendra Nagar Terminal and New Delhi, remains full throughout year. Despite this, the Railway Board is preparing to extend this train to Madhupur in Jharkhand instead of Rajendra Nagar Terminal.

There are dozens of trains daily between Patna - Delhi - Patna. But, there are only two trains, which origin from Rajendra Nagar Terminal (Patna). In this one is Rajdhani Express and another Sampoorna Kranti Express.

Sampoorna Kranti Express is the only premium train for ordinary passengers, which departs on time and usually arrives by the scheduled time or sometimes before. Looking at the operational record of the last six months of Sampoorna Kranti Express shows that train departs 100% from New Delhi on its scheduled time. At the same time, reached Patna 32.78% on scheduled time, 48.89% delay of 15 to 60 minutes and only 15.56% reached more than 60 minutes late. It is more or less the situation of the Sampoorna Kranti Express, which departs from Rajendra Nagar Terminal
Magadh Express running between Islampur to New Delhi via Patna once used to origin from Patna Junction. The route of this train was extended from Patna to Islampur. Magadh Express started running from Islampur, started running late continuously. The situation is that when passengers remain helpless and don't have any other options then they opt for Magadh Express.

The same case happened with Shramjeevi Express running from Rajgir to New Delhi via Patna. Not only this, Vaishali Express, which use to between Barauni - New Delhi, was also a very popular train. But, when it was Extended from Barauni to Saharsa, then the popularity of this train started decreasing, because of train punctuality, cleanliness and poor maintenance. Despite this, the Railway Board is preparing to extend Sampoorna Kranti Express up to Madhupur.

Sampoorna Kranti Express is a superfast train service in the Indian Railways, which runs between Rajendra Nagar Terminal (Patna) and New Delhi.

The first service of this train started on 17 February 2002 and it is currently one of the fastest train services in India, covering a distance of 1001 km in just 14 hours 10 minutes, which is faster than other trains on this route like Magadh Express, Farakka Express, Shramjeevi Express, Poorva Express, and Vikramshila Express.

This train has got many first to its name.

1st Non AC Superfast train to get LHB coaches.

1st Non AC Superfast train to run at a maximum speed of 130 Kmph.

1st Non AC Superfast ICF Train to run at a maximum Speed Of 115 Kmph as opposed to 110 Kmph.

Sampoorna Kranti Express is currently the fastest train in the Superfast category of Indian Railways. The train makes only three stops between Patna and New Delhi: at Kanpur Central, Mirzapur and Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction. The train is hauled by WAP7 Engine. It is now operated on HOG system (Hotel Load) in which the power to coaches is provided directly from locomotive instead of EOGs (Power Cars). It is the first superfast train in India to have a LHB Rake. During its run with ICF coaches it ran with the maximum length permitted in Indian Railway of 24 coaches. Now, with LHB Coaches the composition of the train carriages is as follows: class = AC 1 Tier (01), AC 2 Tier (02), AC 3 Tier (03), Sleeper 3 Tier (09), Unreserved seating (04) Pantry Car (01) EOG (02) (Total=22 Coaches). It is among the top priority trains of Indian Railways and does speeds of 130 km/hour from 8 August 2015.
Sampoorna Kranti Express well known as Janta Ki Rajdhani on Proposal to run from Madhupur Sampoorna Kranti Express well known as Janta Ki Rajdhani on Proposal to run from Madhupur Reviewed by SHERE KHOJRAHA on September 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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