Good News: LHB Coaches Arrangement in Betwa and Nautanwa Express

Durg: Note for passengers traveling in Betwa and Nautanwa Express, their berth number or coach number may change from next week. Because these two trains will run with new LHB Coaches from next week, in which 8 berths in increased in every Reservation Coach. In such a situation, the coach and berth number of passengers will change. The long distance journey will be more comfortable. The Railway Administration has also started changing the old conventional ICF rake of the trains wih German Transfer Technology based LHB Coaches, to make comfortable journey up to Kanpur and Nautanwa. It is already being arranged in long distance train originating from Bilaspur.
Old Conventional ICF rakes of trains are being replaced by LHB rakes. In this series, rakes of 18203/18204 Durg-Kanpur-Durg Betwa Express and 18201/18202 Durg-Nautanwa-Durg Express are being converted into modern LHB rakes. This facility will be available from Durg on January 14 in 18203/Durg-Kanpur Betwa Express and from January 15 in 18204/Kanpur-Durg Betwa Express from Kanpur. Similarly, this facility will be available in the 18201/Durg-Nautanwa Express, from Durg on January 15 and in the 18202/Nautanwa-Durg Express from Nautanwa from January 17. Both the above trains will have a total of 21 coaches including 02 Power Car & Luggage, 02 General, 12 Sleeper, 03 AC 3 Tier and 02 AC 2 Tier.
A Coach in the new LHB rake has 80 berths while the old ICF Coach had 72 berths. Passengers traveling in these trains must have been booked reservation ticket a month or two in advance, in which they have got a coach number and berth number. From 14 January, the berths and coaches of those traveling in these trains will change. In this, only berths from 1 to 72 berths traveling in S1 will be in correct order. After this, the berths of all the passengers of the coach will be shifted to the next coach.
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