Railways Preparing to hand over this Shatabdi Express to Private Operators

Chandigarh: The Ministry of Railways is preparing to hand over 150 trains running across the country in private hands. NITI Aayog has proposed to make 10-12 clusters to privatize 150 trains on 100 routes. Chandigarh has been included in the third cluster, which includes Shatabdi which run 6 days a week on the Chandigarh-New Delhi route and Chandigarh-Sultanpur route trains.  However, this project is currently received by Railway.

Railways has started working on it. If this project rises, then the World Class Train facilities will be provided to passengers. In this, the speed of trains has to be increased 160 kmph. For this, the Cabinet has passed the proposal to run trains at the speed of 160 kmph on Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai routes. However, for the 160 kmph speed between Chandigarh and Delhi, the team of France Railway has submitted a feasibility report. Work on this will start this year. Shatabdi is currently running at a speed of 130 kmph. The objective of starting this project is to provide better facilities to passengers in premium trains.
As far as the Chandigarh-Delhi route is concerned, it has been said that in the present time Shatabdi Express will be
made private. It is not yet decided whether Shatabdi will be made private or a new train will be replaced and it will be handed over to private operators.

Probably a big announcement can be made about this in budget. In the roadmap prepared by the Railways, only the private operators will ensure cleanliness, safety of passengers, food and cleanliness in the train. All this will be of world class level. Fare will be also decided according to the facilities provided by the private operators. The project will currently take a year to complete. But the railway has started preparations.

Retired RK Dutta as a Station Superintendent from Chandigarh railway station says that a Tejas Express running between New Delhi to Lucknow, which IRCTC is providing all facilities from operations to booking etc. It is earning about 12 lakh rupees per day.
Ambala Division, DRM GM Singh said that now we have not received any proposal in this regard. But there is no doubt that the railway is working on such a proposal.  Railways will charge private operators to run trains on the track km/hr. The private operator will charge money from passengers for ticket booking.

After handing over the train to private hands, the seats of the train will be luxury. Apart from this, every seat will also have a computer screen, WiFi, Audio Sound for entertainment, passengers will be able to enjoy their journey. Apart from this, the speed of the train will be 160 kmph. Each coach will have vacuum bio toilets. The interior of the train will be such that passengers do not have any problem in seeing the view of countryside.
Railways Preparing to hand over this Shatabdi Express to Private Operators Railways Preparing to hand over this Shatabdi Express to Private Operators Reviewed by SHERE KHOJRAHA on January 19, 2020 Rating: 5

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