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Two Subways and a Skywalk, Anand Vihar will be travel junction of Delhi NCR

Anand Vihar will soon become the largest travel Junction for the people of Delhi-NCR. From Anand Vihar, passengers will not only get the facility of bus, train and metro but also rapid rail. The same Rapid rail, metro, railway station and bus stand will be connected through two subways and a skywalk. This will make it easier to go from one station to another.

People traveling from Metro in Delhi will be able to reach Meerut directly by rapid rail from Anand Vihar. The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) will run rapid rail from Sarai Kale Khan to Meerut as part of the first phase of the project construction. Rapid rail will enter Anand Vihar and will reach Meerut via Link Road Green Belt via Vasundhara, Arthala and Ghaziabad. Anand Vihar already has a bus stand, railway station and metro station.
It will become a big junction after rapid rail arrival. According to the SCRTC, under the Regional Rapid Transit System, two subways and a skywalk will be built from the proposed station of Rapid Rail. So passengers will not have to cross the road to get from one place to another. From one station to another, will be able to reach through subways and skywalk. Subways to be built up to Kaushambi and Anand Vihar Bus Stand: According to NCRTC, Rapid Rail Anand Vihar station will be underground. A Subway will be constructed from this station to Kaushambi Bus Stand. While the second subway will be built up to Anand Vihar bus stand. The skywalk will be used to connect the metro and the railway station.

People of Western UP and Delhi-NCR will get benefit: People from Anand Vihar will be able to complete the Delhi-Meerut journey by rapid rail in just 62 minutes. At the same time, from Dwarka-Anand Vihar and Mayur Vihar-Anand Vihar Metro Line station will be able to travel the entire NCR. Along with this, people coming from Meerut, Delhi, Noida will also be able to take buses from Anand Vihar and Kaushambi bus stand for various districts of Uttar Pradesh. It will also be easy to reach any corner of the country from the railway station. In such a junction, people will be able to travel not only by rapid rail, metro but also by buses of UP Roadways.
Pillars for rapid rail construction at Vasundhara in Ghaziabad is being rapidly constructed. Rapid rail at Anand Vihar will be connected to the metro, bus station and railway station through subway and skywalk. - Sudhir Kumar Sharma, PRO NCRTC

A look at Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Corridor Total distance: 92.6 km

First Phase: Sahibabad to Partapur Meerut

Second Phase: Vaishali to Sarai Kale Khan Delhi

Third Phase: Partapur Meerut to Modipuram Meerut

Delhi to Meerut Schedule - 62 minutes

Maximum Speed ​​- 180 kmph

Total cost: around 32 thousand crores
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